June 26: African American

Sample social media posts

Don’t forget the babies! Kids 0-5 years old often times don’t get counted in the Census and our communities lose funding to support childcare & school funding! Fill out your Census form today @ my2020census.gov #KansasCounts #Census2020 #CountmeBlack

The 2020 Census count will be used to decide how many schools, classrooms and healthcare facilities will be built in your community for the next 10 years. Count your babies today at my2020census.gov #KansasCounts #CountmeBlack #Census2020

Black men are disproportionately undercounted in the census. Our black men and boys matter! Let’s make our brothers count by completing the census now @ my2020census.gov #KansasCounts #Census2020 #CountmeBlack

An accurate Census 2020 count will help strengthen Black workers power. Take time to encourage workers who are working or laid off to complete the 2020 Census form to ensure that we have good quality jobs in our communities for the next 10 years. Support workers, by being counted in the 2020 Census TODAY at my2020census.gov. #KansasCounts #supportBlackworkers #CountMeBlack #Census2020

So, an accurate census is key to getting public schools and communities the resources they need to serve all students—regardless of who they live with, what language they speak at home, or whether they are black, brown, or white. #KansasCounts #CountMeBlack #CallForTheCount

For the first time, Black people can check our country of origin on the census form! Remember to also check Black! Or be counted online today @ my2020census.gov #KansasCounts #CountmeBlack #CheckBlackPlus #Census2020 #CallForTheCount

You can shape the future for yourself, your family, and your community for the next 10 years. Data collected in the 2020 Census will inform the distribution of more than $6 billion in federal funds to Kansas and our communities each year. Businesses, community leaders, and local governments use census data to create jobs, ensure public safety preparedness, and support community initiatives. #KansasCounts #CallForTheCount #CountMeBlack

Puede dar forma al futuro para usted, su familia y su comunidad durante los próximos 10 años. Los datos recopilados en el Censo 2020 informarán la distribución de más de $ 6 mil millones en fondos federales a Kansas y nuestras comunidades cada año. Las empresas, los líderes comunitarios y los gobiernos locales utilizan los datos del censo para crear empleos, garantizar la preparación para la seguridad pública y apoyar las iniciativas comunitarias. #KansasCounts #CallForTheCount #CountMeBlack

Today, we honor our black and African American communities. Now more than ever, completing the #2020Census is vitally important to the future of our communities and their political and economic power. Be counted, have your voice heard, and respond at 2020census.gov. #KansasCounts #CallForTheCount #CountMeBlack