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Here you will find local, state and national resources to amplify the work of your Complete Count Committee.

Online Resources

If you are a member of the Kansas Complete Count Committee; affiliated with a state agency, county or city government, or local Complete Count Committee Chair, use the following Government Resources for your strategies. The following resources are available for Kansas cities, counties, and communities.

Social Media Accounts

Social media will be a vital tool to promoting the 2020 Census, following Kansas Counts on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

City Data

Learn how much Federal Funding your city can lose, population statistics, health and education data, and much more. Download a one-page infographic with your city’s or Kansas’ Census data.

Click on the map of Kansas to locate your city and download your data.

Download a special Kansas infographic here

How Do You Organize a Complete Count Committee? 

There are three types of complete count committees – state government-sponsored, local government-sponsored, or community-sponsored. Knowing the differences between committee types will help determine how to form your Complete Count Committee. 

State Government CCC

Kansas’ governor appoints individuals to serve as members of the Kansas Complete Count Committee. The Kansas Department of Commerce provides support, as feasible, given existing resources to support the mission and activities of the committee. The Kansas CCC will promote and advertise the 2020 Census, respond to questions and concerns about the census, focus available resources on hard-to-count areas and populations, and ensure the highest participation rate possible.

Local or Tribal Government CCCs

Local Complete Count Committees are formed by the highest elected official in that jurisdiction, such as a mayor, county commissioner, or tribal leader. The highest elected official may appoint a chair of the CCC and appoint residents of the community to serve as members of the CCC. The size and number of members depends on what works best for each community and what will make the most effective and successful committee. Mayors, county commissioners, and heads of regional boards understand the importance of a complete and accurate census count as well as how census data impacts their communities.

Community CCCs

Community Complete Count Committees are often formed in areas that do not have a government CCC or areas that may require a more targeted approach. Community CCCs may be formed by a community organization or a coalition of several organizations.  Community CCCs identify their own chair and committee members and may choose residents who are influential leaders or gatekeepers in the community to serve as members or others that will help accomplish the goals of the committee. Community CCCs consists of anywhere from 5 to 25 members depending on the sponsoring organization(s) and the size of the community it represents.

Locate a local Complete Count Committee

Click on the map below to visit and locate your local Complete Count Committee

Meet the Kansas Complete Count Committee

In 2019 Kansas Governor, Laura Kelly, signed an executive order convening a Kansas Complete Count Committee. The Kansas Department of Commerce provides support, as feasible, given existing resources to support the mission and activities of the committee. The KS CCC will promote and advertise the 2020 Census, respond to questions and concerns about the census, focus available resources on hard-to-count areas and populations, and ensure the highest participate rate possible.


Name Position Organization Committee Role
Brian McClendon Research Professor The University of Kansas Co-Chair
Joyce Warshaw Vice Mayor City of Dodge City Co-Chair
Scott F. Anglemyer Executive Director Kansas Association of Community Action Programs Member
Doug Boline Assistant Director Kansas State Department of Education Member
Irene Caudillo President El Centro of Kansas City Member
Doris Chang Associate Professor Wichita State University Member
Robert Cooper Executive Director Kansas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Member
Kenya Cox Executive Director Kansas African American Affairs Commission Member
Eric Davis Chief Technology Officer Kansas Office of Information Technology Services Member
Janis DeBoer Deputy Secretary Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services Member
Lindsey Douglas Deputy Secretary Kansas Department of Transportation Member
Kasey Featherston Director of Refugee and Immigration Services Kansas Catholic Charities Member
Tiara Marie Floyd Student Body President The University of Kansas Member
Martha Gabehart Executive Director Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns Member
Delia Garcia Secretary of Labor Kansas Department of Labor Member
Lisa Garcia-Stewart Commissioner Kansas Hispanic & Latino American Affairs Commission Member
Robert F. Gilligan Governmental Relations Specialist Kansas Association of School Boards Member
Doug Graham Public Relations Manager Greenbush Southeast Kansas Education Service Center Member
Janeé Hanzlick Commissioner Johnson County Government Member
Marieta Hauser Women's Committee Chair Kansas Farm Bureau Member
Chris Howell Executive Director Kansas Office of Native American Affairs Member
Amber Jackson Advertising Director Kansas Press Association Member
Brandon Johnson Councilman City of Wichita Member
David Jordan President United Methodist Health Ministry Fund Member
Leslie Kaufman Director of Government Relations and Legal Counsel Kansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc. Member
Emily Kelley Partnership Coordinator U.S. Census Bureau Member
Cille King Co-President Kansas League of Women Voters Member
Heather Lansdowne Communications Director Kansas Department of Agriculture Member
Clay McCarty Owner McCarty Family Farms Member
Janet McRae Economic Development Director Miami County Member
Robin Newell Executive Director Emporia Public Library Member
Eric Norris State Librarian State Library of Kansas Member
Jansen Penny Student Body President The University of Kansas State Member
Trudy Rice Program Leader Coordinator/State Specialist The University of Kansas State Member
Reggie Robinson Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs University of Kansas School of Public Affairs & Administration Member
Eric Rohleder Deputy Director Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs Member
Elizabeth "Lou" Saadi State Registrar and Director Kansas Department of Health and Environment Member
Scott Schwab Kansas Secretary of State Office of the Secretary of State Member
Henry Schwaller Mayor City of Hays Member
Kathleen Smith Director of Research Kansas Department of Revenue Member
Blanca Soto Campaign Director Kansas Appleseed Member
Wendi Stark Census Outreach Manager League of Kansas Municipalities Member
Tyler Tenbrink Senior Labor Economist Kansas Department of Labor Member
David Toland Secretary of Commerce Kansas Department of Commerce Member
Becky Tuttle Councilwoman City of Wichita Member
Stacey Tweedy Assistant Regional Director Kansas Department for Children and Families Member
Elizabeth "Betsy" Wearing Coordinator of Programs, Communications & New Initiatives Dane G. Hansen Foundation Member
Xan Wedel Senior Research Data Engineer Kansas State Data Center Member
Perry Wiggins Executive Director State of Kansas Military Council Member
John Wilson Vice President of Advocacy Kansas Association for Children Member

Learn more about the census and its impact on Kansas, your city, and your community. Visit the About page.

If you would like information, have questions, or have requests for presentations regarding the 2020 Census, please visit the Census Contacts page.