Census Day Twitter Chat


Kansas Counts Census Day Chat #KansasCounts #KSCensusChat

We’re having a Census Twitter Chat to promote Census Day and we want you to join in! Twitter Chats are quick and easy. Simply log into Twitter on April 1, follow the conversation and respond and retweet between 12-1 p.m.

The purpose of this is to increase awareness, drive engagement, encourage completion of the 2020 Census, and share knowledge about the 2020 Census through conversation.

Here’s how this works. We’ll ask 6 questions and you (everyone) answer. We have included the questions for you below so you can prepare your answers in advance. We have also provided answers to each question that you are welcome to use or provide your own personalized response. We suggest you write out your responses (remember, you’re limited to 280 characters including hashtags) and find any images that go with them so that when the actual chat happens, all you have to do is copy and paste your answers. Feel free to respond with multiple answers if you have different answers to share.

Partners — Please link to the following resources for your communities in your answers as you see fit: 


Please contact Kansas Counts to commit to participate in the Census Day Twitter Chat. Here’s our official schedule of questions: stay tuned – in between our pre-scheduled questions, we will be tweeting fun facts and reasons the census is important:


Q1: What is the census? What do you know about the census? #KansasCounts #KSCensusChat

Q2: What should Kansans know about the census? #KansasCounts #KSCensusChat

Q3: Why should I complete the 2020 Census? #KSCensusChat #KansasCounts

Q4: Who uses census data, and for what reason do they use census data? #KansasCounts #KSCensusChat

Q5: Why is it so important everyone is counted? #KansasCounts #KSCensusChat

Q6: Why is the census important to you personally? #KansasCounts #KSCensusChat