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Call For The Count

To renew enthusiasm among Kansas communities, we’re planning a collaborative statewide push to engage Kansans in a “Call for the Count” week intended to elevate awareness, help assure Kansas includes EVERYONE and surpass our 2010 self response rate of 70%–our first step in getting to a 100% count of ALL Kansans!

“Call for the Count” is very basic and built on the notion of a phone tree. And it’s easily done from the comfort of your home. This can be a call, a text, an email, or outreach via your favorite social media platforms!

How does it work? – Ask at least five co-workers, friends, neighbors or family members to fill out their Census form. And then ask those who agree to call five of their friends and family members. And so on. The concept is in keeping with the idea trusted voices will be the ones to convince others — especially those hard-to reach — to fill out the Census.

Here is everything needed for volunteers to get started making calls:

  1. A basic call script with information about what needs to be done to easily fill out the Census.
  2. FAQ’s on responding, safety and why it’s so important to a community’s residents and families.
  3. A Fact sheet on Why We Ask each question.
  4. Spanish language resources.

Virtual Questionnaire Assistance

The Kansas 2020 Partnership Specialist Census team is teaming up with partners, groups and organizations to provide Virtual Questionnaire Assistance (VQA) to their respective communities, clients and audiences. By telephone or connecting online, residents can safely have questions remotely answered and get assistance in completing their households’ census questionnaire whether online, by phone or mail.

Kansas VQA Toolkit

The attached materials will help Kansas 2020 Census partners to plan, schedule and conduct either or both of the two types of VQA programs:

  • Appointment based – Residents can schedule virtual assistance to happen at a set time.
  • Event based – Partners establish blocks of time when residents can initiate calls for help in answering Census questionnaires.

Toolkit materials include:

  1. Introduction and explanation of VQAs, including contact information for member of the Kansas 2020 Census Partnership Specialist team
  2. Scheduling spreadsheet
  3. Appointment spreadsheet template – Names
  4. Appointment spreadsheet template – Phone numbers
  5. Event spreadsheet template
  6. Sample promotional flyers

Hola! Let’s play “Censoteria!”

A dedicated team of Kansas 2020 Census partners has created and will be hosting an online event designed to engage and motivate residents to complete their households’ census questionnaire. The professionally produced flyers as attached (both PDF and PNG) capture the Latino culture in a very colorful and festive way.

Censoteria? Combine the Spanish word for census, “Censo” with the popular Mexican board game “loteria” and the result is an event to attract a Kansas community we desperately need to get involved with the all-important 2020 Census.

Censorteria Details

  • Two scheduled events: Thursday, June 25, at 6 p.m. and Sunday, June 28, at 3 p.m.
  • Censoteria will be transmitted at the Kansas Appleseed Facebook page, with the Kansas Health Foundation, El Centro, KLHAAC, La Mexicana Radio and the City of Dodge City as co-hosts. The event will be visible on the co-hosts’ social media sites.
  • To access the game cards for the game, participants have two choices:

1) Download a “tabla” or game card from
2) Calling or texting 620-789-1116 to request a card be mailed to the participant’s address

  • The event will be streamed live for participants to join via Facebook. The comment area on Facebook will enable participants to ask census questions and receive answers in real time.
  • Ilie Sanchez, a midfield defender for the Sporting Kansas City professional soccer team, will help emcee Thursday’s Censoteria event along with Enrique Rodriquez Franz, general manager of La Mexicana radio in southwest Kansas.

Censoteria is coming to Kansas! You can improve your community’s self-response rates by posting and/or distributing the attached flyers.